Day 40: Chef Mimi and The Long Walk Home

I HAD TO wake up early today because i had to prepare the breakfast and lunch of my foster sisters aside from my food

And because i was extra hungry this morning, look what i brought from the Philippines:

Lucky Me Supreme Cup Noodles "Bulalo" Flavor :)

It reminds me so much of home :)

To my foreign friends who had been running into my blog recently and do not know what Bulalo is, it is a type of Filipino dish with beef and beef broth and then it's not famous in my country because of the meat itself but because of the bone marrow :)

Anyway, after preparing meals for the girls, i dressed up and considering the climate now, it's gettig warmer but it is still a bit chilly in the mornings so i wore shorts and a loose shirt, and my boots for the cold :)

i rushed to school because i think i spent too much time preparing the food, i lost track of time. During the break, Ana visited our classroom and FINALLY!!! we have a picture together and this time "Con Permiso" (with permission) :) she's really really nice and Caroline her cousin is very nice too. I like them both. And they're both very tall too.... Well i guess it's safe to say, almost everyone is taller than me, hence my nickname that Esteban gave me: "Camilita" haha!

I went home to eat lunch and do my homework before i went to Las Ventas to check on the Bull Fight tickets. I really want to watch a bullfight on the 19th. I hope i can get good seats. I am not forever in Spain and so i think it is proper to get good seats. In the metro, there was a "busker" who performed "Chiquitita" by ABBA with his instruments. It remided me so much of my family because that is my staple song during family reunions. There was never a family reunion that i did not sing this song. By the way, buskers are very common in Spain, they board trains to perform and then after their performance they go around to ask for donation from the passengers. They make sure none of the security people are on board when they perform because this is illegal :) but it's very entertaining :)

Before i left the Ventas station i saw a small shop with souvenirs that is on sale because apparently they are closing soon. I bought a white Spanish shawl for someone back home for 6€. Very good price compared to other stores with the same shawl of the same quality for twice the price. I talked to the "vendedores" or vendors and in the end they even gave me a pair of earrings as a gift :)

I finally reached Las Ventas to check on the prices of the seats. I love the structure!!

Apparently they're going to start selling tickets for the 19 June corrida, tomorrow so i really hope tomorrow i can still get front row tickets. I want to be able to take quality photos :)

I decided to walk back home from Las Ventas to see how far it was from home.... A really crazy idea because it really was very far. It took me 2 hours to arrive home.
I think this is an estimate of my route and how long i walked because i have a feeling a walked a little more than this. Oh and 1 hour? Pshhhhh! ¡Madre Mia!! ¿Que dices? (what are you talking about??) No i don't think so! With the length of my legs and how big my steps are? no wonder it took me 2 hours! Hahaha

It was crazy. I had to buy candy to keep me going.

But it was all worth it because when i arrived home, Mama Eva was home and she cooked the best salchichon ever! It was chorizo from Jaen and we had bread and cheese and tortilla as well and ofcourse, peaches from her mun's garden :)

It was a very tiring day. I don't think i'll be doing that again for the next 2 weeks. I did not say i will not do that again. It was fun :) i just have to recuperate. Haha!

-- ¡Buenas Noches Madrid!

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