Day 32: "Madrileñan" Life As I Know It

Well today i am not going to write a blow by blow account of my day because nothing special happened today except for thia morning when i went to the station on the way to school. I did not have to wait for the train because as soon as i arrived the train was already there and same with the train from Cuatro Caminos to San Bernardo. It did not end there, I did not have to wait for the walk signs on the stop ligjts on the way to school ecause it was always on "walk".

Well, that's about the only thing special that happened today. So i will just write about aome thoughts that i have been pondering on these past few days.

I have been loving my life here in Madrid... Ofcourse not to the point that i would not want to o home anymore. Ofcourse there is still no place like home.

But my life here in Madrid had been a blast eversince i arrived here. Madrid is like another life for me. It feels so different. I feel so alive. I guess my schooling here can be considered as a breather from my life in Manila which became a boring routine already. It was getting really boring, i actually looked forward to leaving. Ofcourse i miss my family and speially my amorcito :)

But not many people get opportunities like this and so i am making the most out of this.

Eversince i lived with my Spanish family here. I experience how o be independent and tough. And i go out on my own, i take public transportation, i wash clothes, etc.

Now let me tell you the things i have observed and loved about Madrid.

I love how people exert effort to bring their kids on strollers in the metro. I love how people find time to go to El Parque Retiro to hang out, some even lay under the sun and sunbathe or simply to read a book. I want to try that sometime. I also love how the elder folk read the newspaper in the train. I also love how many madrileños give up their seat in the train for the elderly and the women. I've seen a lot of these. I love Madrid and i'm pretty sure there's more to love about them and hey i have 50 more days to see more of this place i call my second home.

So, it's time for me to sleep, and hopefully tomorrow something worth blogging will happen :)

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