Day 31: Study Sunday and The Real Jardin Botanico

It's a sunday today and yes i woke up at around 07:30 since there's nothing really much to do except study. Today i planned to go to the Real Jardin Botanico or the Royal Botanical Garden :)... That is if i finish recopying my notes :)

I received a facetime call from my family and i am really happy to know they are all well and my amorcito is with them :) what is so special about today? Well, it's the 5th of June which means it's our 15th month together... Sort of because i'm not there to celebrate with him but thank God for technology.

My grandma saw me through video call again and she cried

I miss her :) i also miss pigging out with my family in her house.

Well, i had galletas for breakfast and so i am very happy but no cake today. Only cookies and galletas.

I spent most of the morning recopying my notes and reorganizing them in my new and clean notebook

I even lost track of time because i kind of enjoyed rewriting my notes.

Then i realized it was time to eat lunch. I had pita bread bith brie cheese and marmalade. It was actually pretty good :) it just smelled a little funky but it was really good

After talking to my family again in facetime i went out so i can try my debit card to buy a train ticket using that, and ofcourse so i can go to the botanical garden.

I did not know how to insert my debit card in the machine.... ¡Parecí tonta! (i looked stupid) :)
haha! The guy from the metro had to assist me. I had to tell him
It was my first time to use my debit card to purchase a train ticket and he just smiled and helped me and here's my receipt :)

So i took the metro at the Estrecho station and got off at Atocha because apparently that is the station closest to the garden. I got off and walked around to look for the street signs... I finally found the way to the garden.

On the way i saw the side walk filled with street vendors. It was packed with vendors

I think the sidewalk was 50 meters long and that 50 meter long area was covered with side walk vendors. They sold anything from clothes, to lamps, books, cds, etc.

I finally reached the gate to the botanical garden :

My ENFOREX student idea works like magic. Because of it, my ticket for the museum yesterday was free. And today, instead of paying €3, i only payed €1.35 :)

I am not very much into plants. I don't even know what kind of plants i saw there but it was very relaxing to walk around the garden.

If you know the story of the Secret Garden, i think this is the perfect setting for a film version of the book.

There were benches you can sit on to relax, read, rest, whatever like this girl over here:

I'm not a plant person so i could not appreaciate each plant/flower on its own but all together, it created a very relaxing ambience.

This is Carlos (yes we're close haha!) and he was the foundernof this garden :) he had it created

I love his pose :) next is one of the many statues in the garden. I don't know his name because there's no name written near the statue

This is a Secoya tree :) the only tree i actually recognized

There was some game/challenge for the younger visitors of the garden and here's a really pretty kid trying out one of the steps

There was a couple who approached this tree, picked one of its fruits and ate it.... I was surprised because i thought, what if it was poisonous or something?

This is the fruit:

I guess they would nt be so confident in picking that small fruit if they did not recognize it.
They had a cactus greenhouse too:

Anyway, on the way back, remember the vendor-filled side walk? Zilch! Nada! Nadie! Wiped out! But there were some items scattered on the floor. There was even a girl who passed a dress on the floor, liked it, and then took it.

Apparently, it was illegal to sell stuff there :) i even talked to one of the vendors to ask what happened and then suddenly a policeman came and then the vendor i was talking too quickly packed her stuff and scrammed.
I talked to mr. Policeman and he explained to me that it was illegal to sell there and that is why the city sidewalk sweeps were there to clean up after the vendors

I arrived home just in time before the rain started to pour. The weather is really really weird.

I arrived home to find out that the aunt of Mama Eva died and that she does not have any kids to be responsible for her. So Mama Eva prepared dinner for
Me and Colleen (jaime was still at the plaza de corridas ). Colleen and i talked for awhile after dinner and then we went back to our respective rooms but i prepaired my bath stuff already so that i can take a bath early. After that i just read a little and prepared to go to bed.

It was a tiring day even if i did not reqlly go out much. But i love Madrid! Now it's time to sleep :)

~*~*~¡Buenas Noches Madrid!~*~*~

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