Day 14: Brrrrr It's Cold in Here!!

Madre Mio! I think the temperature here is below 13 degrees. It's not just the cold. It's the wind chill factor (as my dad always said that kills. When the wind passes you you cannot help but say "Madre Mio! Hace Frioooooo!" (Oh my mother! It's cold!)

I had breakfast today, same thing :) I don't need to elaborate and I am getting used to it so I am perfectly fine and I love it! :)

I prepared a burger bun and cream cheese for me to bring with me to school so that I do not get hungry right away and that I will have enough energy to stay alive in class.

You know what's surprising? I actually understand what my teachers are saying even if Carolina and Esteban speaks straight Spanish and it's helpful for us because we are compelled to speak in Spanish and think in Spanish.

On the way home, it was still very very very VERY cold!! I never thought I would be able to wear my knitted Debenhams Sweater which we bought 3 years ago in preparation for cold trips like these. And now I am thankful that we bought it.

I think

I had a sandwhich for lunch again I forgot :) But I know it was something delicious as usual. My Mama Eva always had something good to feed me :)

After lunch, as usual, SIESTA TIME!!! minus the sleep :) And then I went to El Corte Ingles.

Here is my brief description of El Corte Ingles:

It is a Department Store with a Grocery and Bookstore and Record Bars and other necessities of life. It's a mix of Rustann's quality and SM in terms of how many branches they have. They are everywhere in Spain!!

I went to the grocery to buy some toiletries and a pack of Detergent. I spent so much time in the Supermarket because I had to count the cost and weigh the differences of the cost and guess the quality of the items. And the best part: I HAD TO TRANSLATE SOME WORDS FROM THE LABELS THAT I WAS NOT SURE OF! :) Who knows I might be buying shampoo that will turn my hair red or something like that.

As I went out of the Supermarket, I was already in the make up department and wow! There were so many camera men around the stall of Yves Saint-Laurent!! Being the curious Filipina that I am (viva mob mentality!), I checked and well, I did not know the actress (I've only been here for 2 weeks!), but I took a picture of her back. Hahahahahahaha! I did not want to squeeze between the Photographers because of the following reasons:

1) I will get crushed. THEY ARE BIG PEOPLE!
2) I had a bag of groveries
3) I did not know who they were taking pictures of :)

So what I did? I had a view of the actress's back if I go down the Escalator so I went up and went down again and snapped a picture. Hahahahahaha! What boredom can really do to a person, ne? hahaha!

See the escalator ya? :) here's the back o the actress/famous person:

Back in the metro, as I was walking toward the platform, a lady called my attention and asked for directions. wow! haha! But thankfully I was able to give her the right directions.

As I surfaced from the Estrecho Metro, I saw a dental clinic and paid a visit. I'm having a bit of a problem with my braces :) (stupid braces....)

When I arrived home I spent most of my time in the room before dinner.

I forgot what I ate again but it was good as usual but I remember my desert :) It was carrot cake!! :)

After my evening routine, Buenas Noches Madrid! Hasta Manana!

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