Day 10: Goodby Barcelona, Hello Again Madrid

Well, it's been a good tour except for a few things not worth mentioning. It's goodbye tour and hello studies for me. Because today we went back to Madrid because the tour has ended and my classes will start tomorrow.

We boarded the bus and had some of our tour mates still with us because they had to be transported to the airport. We went to terminal 1 and only 8 of us were left in the bus. After terminal 2, the two Australians alighted the bus and now there were 6 of us. My family and two Americans, Mark and Shirley. Shirley lived in the Philippines in the 70's and she lived there for a long time but she has forgotten how to speak Tagalog already. She's a joy to be with. And her husband as well even if he's always teasing me and my sister. The bus ride took 8 hours. yes. Barcelona to Madrid by land is 8 hours more or less.

We dropped of Shirley and Mark at their hotel because they're leaving tomorrow. After that we were brought by our trusted tour driver Julio who is by the way Portuguese. I had to think hard whether or not I will sleep with my host family already or will I sleep with my family in the hotel first because they are leaving 2 days from now....

Well, after a bit of rest at the hotel (Holiday Inn of them because apparently there are plenty :p), I decided to stay with my family for tonight. But we had to bring by taxi my luggage to the home of my host family. My foster mother, Senora Eva Martinez was very kind and her 16 year old daughter Irina was very very tall. I saw my room and it was wonderful. It is not very spacious but it is very homey and cozy. After that we walked back to our hotel. Why did we walk back? The hotel is just walking distance from this apartment :)

We had another picnic back at the hotel and then we all went to sleep. So Good night Madrid, tomorrow we are visiting my school because I will be taking a diagnostic exam :)

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