Day 24: Spanish Naval Museum

I woke up at around 8 today :) i was really so tired from all that washing and walking i did yesterday.

This morning, i checked my facebook inbox to see if my friend Induja had replied because we were supposed to meet today. Unfortunately, she came home in the "madrugada" or very early morning that she cannot come with me to our supposedly trip to El Museo de Reina Sofia... Oh well. That won't stop me from going around on a sunday.

I checke out the directory that mama Eva gave me and i was supposed to visit the Thyssen Museum to see the Heroína (Heroin-female hero not the drug) exposition. But i suddenly saw "Museo Naval" and it caught my eye not just because it is a naval museum but because it said that admission is FREE!!!! :)

So i dressed up and all, and one of my American foster sisters arrived. And we were introduced and then i left :) i could not wait for the other american to arrive because i have no idea if the line at the museum is long and on sundays, museums close early. As i left the building, it started raining... Vaya!! Mis ropas que llavé ayer!!!!! (oh no! My clothes that i washed yesterday!!!") i felt bad but i just have to wash it again later.

I went to the station and as i stood in front of the metro list of stops, i forgot to ask which station is nearest the naval museum. I took so long standing there skimming through the pages of the directory because apparently my bookmark fell off.

A kind Spanish gentleman approached me and asked me in english "do you need help?" and i answered in Spanish that i needed to find out which station is closest to the museum. And then off i go to Sol station and change lines going to Banco de España :)

As i surfaced from the metro, it was still raining... A little.... And then it stopped.

I honestly do not know now where the museum is. But i did see the gigantic Instituto Cervantes :)

I walked a little more and i saw a tourist help center and i asked where the naval museum is. I asked her in spanish though. She gave me a map and she pointed out our exact location and wherr the museum is and then she asked me where i was from and ofcourse i said i was from the Philippines :)

I love this area of Madrid. So much beautiful structures!! Even their Army Headquarters!

I arrived at the museum and i noticed that people were bringing out their passports as they entered and i freaked because i never bring my passport with me...

So i asked the guy in uniform if the passport is needed and i i don't have it, if my Philippine Driver's license will do and he said yes. *sigh*... What a relief :)

The place was wonderful!!!! I can't believe i'm in Navy heaven!!

There were so much miniature ship nodels of different times/centuries, shapes and sizes

Original old helms were there too:

They have those big-ass torpedo things:

What made my heart jump was that out of the 20+ sections of the museum, 2 sections are dedicated to the Philippines :) I wanted to cry tears of pride :)
These apparently are the armour and other equipment of the people from Jolo durin the spanish invasion:

Here is an armor of a Warrior from Jolo made of Carabao horn

This is the original agreement on paper of the then Spanish King and Portugese King, agreeing upon the division of jurisdiction/sovereignty. I think east belonged to spain and west to portugal... Whoah i forgot. My point is, good job Spain for having preserved this piece of history: ( see the blood? Yes how nice. It's their signature)

Here are old bullets and bullet molds:

There's more but i can't post it all here. I'll include them
In another post.

It was really something. Well, after 2
Hours inside, i decided to go home and eat lunch because i'm starving!!

I met the other american foster sister of mine, but i forgot their names... Both of them :) hahahaha!

I talked with Mama Eva about the stuff i saw in the museum and she told me other places i should visit.

Oh n the way home i saw this thing on the street whwre a girl pretends to be a statue and asks for donations to support other sculptors:

After the other girls ate lunch, they left for the welcome thing of the school the girls will be going to.

As for me, i re-washed the clothws that were soaked in the rain earlier. ¡Que Rollo! - how boring. There's already a burning sensation on my fingers.

I was still soaking some of my clothes when Mama Eva arrived. But she let me finish, anyway i asked permission if i can re-wash the rain soaked stuff :)

Irina finally arrived :) she came from a trip to the country side with her boyfriend Nicolas and his family.

I stayed in my room to read a bit and to iron the shirts that i was able to get this morning :)

I read a little news and then i don't know if i fell asleep or my mind just wandered off and then Mama Eva and company arrived, just as i was about to eat dinner.

I had some chicken thing with mushrooms for dinner. I love it! It's so flavorful! :)

After dinner i took a bath, did my homework and looks like it's time to sleep

~*~*~¡Buenas Noches Madrid!~*~*~

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