Day 1: Manila, Philippines-Doha, Quatar

Since i will be staying in Spain for over 2 months, I had to prepare more than the usual stuff. Funny part was, my folks and my sister will onlynbe staying in Spain for 1 1/2 weeks and they got the bigger luggages. Well it was a good thing my dad realized how small my luggage was and decided to reshuffle. I now have the biggest and heaviest.

I am so excited to arrive in Spain. But ofcourse we have a stop over/ lay-over at Doha, Quatar. By the way, Quatar Airways is one of the best airlines i have ever experienced. I normally dislike airplane food but what I ate was exeptional. I am currently in the Business Class lounge waiting for our next flight. The flight from Manila to Doha lasted for 9 hours and now this stop over is going to last for another 9 hours... And then a 7-8 hour flight to Madrid... I feel like Tom Hanks in the movie "The Terminal" Woohoo!!! I'm really bored now... Going to check out food.

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