Day 7: Valencia and Rabbit meat in my Paella

Good morning Granada! I did not like the hotel very much. It's so gloomy. The lights and all.... But anyway it served its purpose of giving us a place to rest. Breakfast was so so... Madrid Holiday Inn breakfast still wins landslide.

Finally our long drive to Valencia. Spain's cities are all different from each other. Each city has something unique about them. Een the weather is different. Madrid is chilly, Sevilla was scorching hot, etc.

The drive to Valencia was wonderful. We saw the Mediterranean to the right... Ofcourse i'm not as impressed because we have so much bodies of water in the Philippines. It's just nice to see something other tham valleys and mountains.

Upon arrival in Valencia, you can already see what kind of city it is. It is a mix of old and very new architecture. It was amazing.

The hotel Melia where we Stayed in was amazing as well. It was very beautiful. From the window of our room you can see one of the modern structures of Valencia.

After looking at  the room we prepared for the tour of the city and it was really really something. As soon as we arrived bavk at the hotel we had a dinner preared for us. I won't go into detail but the Paella we ate had rabbit meat in it which my mum did not want to eat. 

Afyer the dinner we had to prepare again for tomorrow's departure. Time to sleep. Good night Valencia!! Lovin' the place

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