Day 4: Long Way Down.. Madrid-Cordoba-Sevilla

Good Morning Madrid!!

Today we went on a loooooooooooong distance, cross country trip. We left Madrid at around 8 in the morning. Since it was a long ride most of us just slept through it. On the way to Cordoba, we stopped at La Mancha. This place is famous for being the place where the well known Don Quixote was knighted. It was a small place which reminded me a little bit of our very own Vigan.

After the stop over at La Mancha, we were back on the road to Cordoba. I did not read the itinerary thoroughly so I have absolutely no idea what is in store for us when we arrived there. To our surprise, we were brought to Cordoba to see the famous Cathedral de Cordoba. It was a marvelous mosque built for the muslims who used to live there. a few hundred years later, the middle part of the Mosque was turned into a Catholic Church keeping the Muslim Mosque surrounding it. But now it is for the Catholics who want to hear mass. No muslim traditions are practiced there anymore.

Oh by the way, on the walk toward the cathedral, I stepped on gum ;p but it was such a coincidence that a few meters away from the gum was a little plastic zip lock back which I hurriedly stepped on because I know that if I step on plastic after stepping on gum and then walking for a few steps, the gum will be removed. and Voila! It was gone :)

It was scorching hot in Cordoba unlike Madrid which was chilly morning to night. In the bus on the way to Sevilla, I switched on my iPod and listened to Juanes and then to Enrique Iglesias..As I was listening to them, I had to start thinking in Spanish because It had been slipping my mind that in a few days I will be staying with a host family who were instructed not to speak to me in English at all.

Finally arrived in Sevilla. FINALLY THERE'S FREE WI-FI!! (Which explains why I posted 3 entries all in 1 day). Facebook, twitter, etc., And then we were off to the Sevilla welcome dinner. After the dinner, back to the hotel we go...But before that we had to look for a supermarket to buy water. Now we are back in the hotel, Good Night Sevilla, we will see more of you tomorrow :)

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