Day 23: Walk Around Sol

I was not able to finish this blog entry on time because i had to do so much things today.

I woke up a little later than usual because it's a Saturday :)

Guess what i had for breakfast? Yes! Galletas as usual :) Mama Eva had been insisting that i go to The Plaza del Puerto del Sol and so i looked for it on my map and which metro is closest to it.

I decided to play with my make up today instead of daily fashion statements.

I walked to the metro and grabbed a metro map because i forgot my metro map back home and i checked which stations i have to change lines if necessary. Well, it was a straight ride from Estrecho to Sol.

Once i got out of the station i saw right away, flyers and posters and tents and lot's of protesters.... Apparently their protesting has not finished yet.

I took pictures ofcourse and then left them alone. I walked around and i saw TOPSHOP!! :)

i checked the topshop website and apparently this is the only topshop in Spain.

There's a nice clothin store in Spain which i was able to visit earlier. Blanco :) i love their footwear and dresses

I walked some more and checked out some souvenir shops... I was even thinking to myself "it's ok to get lost in Madrid today.... It's a saturday, i don't have class and there are lots of metro stations everywhere"

...true enough i did get lost :) i walked and walked and walked i even saw a gathering of hearin impaired people :)

it's kind of nice to get lost sometimes.

I found my way back to the El Puerto del Toledo station... It's quite far from Sol station so i can't believe until now how much i walked.

I finally arrived home, ate lunch and called my folks.

Mama Eva left for awhile and after a few minutes i left the house as well to buy a bottle of "Suavizante por Las Ropas" or Fabric Conditioner :)

Along the way i saw so many stores with beautiful items both clothes and accessories, much much cheaper than in H&M and Bershka, Mango and Zara...

But i was sad because i found out that my favorite accessory store was cloain and it was the last day today.

I was sooooo tired so i walked back home and Mama Eva was back waitin for her friend to contact her because they were going out today.

I read the newspaper as usual and a few brochures. Mama Eva's friend finally arrived.

They left and now it was my chance to wash the clothes i don't want to be washed in the washing machine... Oh man that was tiring, washing, wringing and most specially the hanging because you know how vertically challenged i am, it was hard to reach the clothes line.

I ate dinner while waiting for my clothes to be left for awhile on the suavizante and then i came backto rinse and wring and hang.

After the hanging, i took a bath. A good one.

i decided to watch tv a little. Mama Eva is still not here and she told me anyway that i cam watch whenever i want.

Such a long day, must sleep already :) before i went to sleep i listened to Chanquete Radio España and to my surprise, "A Dios Le Pido" (i ask God) by Juanes played!!!!!!! Juanes! Oh by the way he's coming on 20 July.... I really hope i can watch his concert even if i'm faraway from the stage :)

Anyway, i really have to sleep already. I'm going to a museum tomorrow with a friend :)

~*~*~¡Buenas Noches Madrid!~*~*~

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