Day 16: Tiring and Embarassing Day

It's now really Day 16. Finally I caught up with my blog writing. I wrote 5 blog entries i think, today. I did not have the internet connection and time to post some of the earlier days and now i have caught up :)

It's a saturday and i woke up much later than usual. Normally on a school day i wake up at 05:30 latest is 06:30 but today i woke up at 07:30.

I had something else for breakfast. Mama Eva gave it to me quietly because the Eleazars were still asleep.

After breakfast i spent a lot of time writing the past days here in my blog and at the same time talked with a few friends in facebook chat. And when i had no one else to talk to i cleaned up a little.

This morning i spoke spanish anlittle straighter than usual... So all i needed was to rest my brain for it to process... Wow haha!

Mama Eva and the Eleazars left the house to eat lunch outside which means i was left to fend for myself once again.

While they were away, this was my chance to wash my clothes. Why was it a chance? Because it would be enbarassing for the boys to see the undergarment washing part. And there i was, washing on the sink because they nornally use the washing machine but i prefer to wash by hand.

After washing i ate lunch and while eating i talked to my family thru facetime :)

After the conversation, i contemplated on whether to stay or to go out but in the end i was compelled to go because the adaptor of my plugs for the socket wont work and it was annoying.

So in short i had to go out... ¡que rollo! (how boring). I really wanted to rest my legs today.

This picture is an exit of the metro. My arms kind of developed muscles again because of those doors. Normally those doors are not heavy but the problem
Is that the wind from outside was pushing the doors towards me so when i push back, it was heavier than usual.

When i arrived home. Mama Eva was asleep to i had to do thigs quietly. I just opened my facebook.

Latter i was called to dinner. Dinner today is a Moroccan dish with chicken, and pita bread,and i loved it!

Normally i don't elaborate anymore my evening rituals but today is special but embarassing.

After takig a bath I tried to check the stuff i washed earlier and finally it's dry. I got them one by one but then when i pulled one clip out, i thought i did not drop anythin but i did... And of all things to drop, AN UNDERGARMENT!!! hm... Of all things to fall... It could have been a shirt or a sock but nooooo, gravity and the floor of oblivion worked together and pulled down one of my newly washed undergarment. How inconvenient... ¡Vaya! Now i have to figurenout how to retrieve it.

Good luck to me... And good night Madrid

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