Hola Cordoba to Sevilla! :)

Here are the pictures taken from La Mancha to Sevilla :)
Let's start of with this Jump Shot in La Mancha :) I cannot find my picture with Don Quixote right now so I think this will do. This apparently is the place where Don Quixote was knighted.

In Cordoba, we visited the big and old Mosque turned into a Catholic Church but still kept the Mosque structure because of the peaceful coexistence of the Christians and the Moslems during this era. But when this was turned into a Church, the Moslems were not allowed to practice their faith inside was allowed to pray silently but minus the kneeling.
 When we arrived in Sevilla, there was a welcome dinner at a small place but it was beautiful and we were served traditional Sevilla cuisine and some cold Gaspacho. We were welcomed by this Flamenco dancer but the highlight of this performace was the Dancing Horse.

Behind me is the Cathedral where the remains of Christopher Columbus (well half of him...The lower half to be specific :)) are. Very beautiful cathedral indeed.

You see those 4 guys carrying that big thing? Well....Christopher Columbus' lower half esta aqui :)

Well, that's all for now. I will try to post the others as soon as possible. I am still adjusting here at my Host Family's house :)

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