Day 8: Barcelona... Hotel Room Picnics and Naked Men

Day 8 started ok. The breakfast was okay. Still nothing compared to holiday Inn. And then we prepared for departure. We were supposed to leave at 0815 to Barcelona but there was a bit of a problem. 2 of our groups luggages went missing. The poor (and not to mention, good looking) spanish guy who works for the hotel went around 3x to look for it. And all
Of a sudden 1 appears and finally the other one. And then we are off to Barcelona. Before going to Barcelona we stopped over a little beach resort in Peníscola. Really nothing like the beaches in The Philippines but it was nice to see a beach resort abroad.

It was a long drive before we arrived at Barcelona. Ugly hotel. Seriously. Later we found out that our Japanese tourmates entered their room and found a NAKED MAN IN THEIR ROOM!! haha! And the naked man said "we're busy" :) but our Japanese tour mates had their room changed.

After checking in we had to go down again to the lobby because we had a sight seeing tour of Barcelona. We were brought around and one of the highlights of Barcelona is the Cathedral de La Sagrada Familia by Antonio Gaudi... It's true. This building gets mixed reactions. I personally wanted so much to see yhis building but it kind of disappointed me because it was not what i expected it to be. It was not my cup of tea. It had been under construction for more than 100 years already and still, 30% of it is still unfinished.

We headed back to the hotel and after awhile we went out to buy food. We ended up going to the grocery to buy spanish sardines and hamburger buns which costs less but definitely better than the food in the restaurants. Before heading back to the hotel we tried out the Farggi ice cream which i feel is a must try when one visits spain. It's soooooo good!!

To the hotel, back we went and then ate our sardine sandwich dinner and then Good Night Barcelona!! :)...supposedly it was good night until the lights went off. THERE WAS A BLACK OUT!!! Wht kind o hotel does't have emergency power??? Well it's HOTELES CATALONIA :p rarrr... At least it only went out for a few minutes...

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