Day 9: Beautiful Barcelona

As usual we had to wake up early becaise we had to prepare for our trip to the Montserrat. It is a mountain with a unique structure and a cathedral in top with a figure of a black Madonna.

So, breakfast... No scrambled eggs so that was disappointing for me. But there was a Filipina chef who made Spanish Omelette :)

While waiting for our bus, we gave our friend Walter bear hugs :) Our Japanese Tourmate Nobuko-san is the funniest person on earth. We talked about the black out last night and then they said that Kazue-san thought Nobuko just shut off the lights of the bathroom not knowing that it was a black out. So I said "nobuko-san, maybe black out is better than a naked man in your room" and she gave me a look and goes ".....nah! Maybe naked man is better than black out"

After our short conversation. We left for Montserrat. It was about an hour journey to a certain point. But it was very scenic, the view.

We went to a beautiful monastery and saw the black Madonna and we got to touch the globe she was holding. And then we went back to the hotel.

We went to Las Arenas again to buy sardines for our lunch pinic.

Then we rode te metro to Maria Cristina and walked a few blocks to L'illa Diagonal, the shopping center. My mum bought dresses from Mango and my sister and i boughT a few items feom H&M. Then we rode the meteo back to the hotwl again.

Then we prepared for the farewell dinner :)

I was not able to eat much because moat of the stuff were seafoods :)

And then it was back to the hotel to prepare and goodbye Barcelona! :)

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