Day 19: ¡Vamos a Comer! (let's eat!)

I got used to my amorcito calling me when i wake up in the morning but today, no calls for me. I forgot that he has an exam :) ¡Buena suerte! (good luck!)

I ate breakfast as usual and yes it was my oh so yummy galletas and yes through the pictures you will see that i have not even finished my galletas and i am already so energized i can kill the energizer bunny....

Want some? Hehe sorry!!!:

I could not once again decide what to wear (it's hard to trust the weather forecast because what they write is the temperature in the afternoon). In the morninnit can get pretty cold and in the evenings as well. I settled for a summery dress and tights just in case it gets cold, my wedges and a blazer. In case it gets hot i can always remove the blazer.

Without the blazer and with a belt:

I arrived in school just in time. My chinese classmate Chun Xiang was absent today again i wonder why...

I have no idea why but today's lesson is not as interesting as last time but what i am quite sure of is that the teachers here are great. They teach very very well. I am honestly learning a lot here aside from the practice i am getting at home.

During the break i was surprised to see a semi-old lady with a baby enter the classroom and wow!!! It was my classmatr Isil's baby!!!!! He is so cute!!!!!!!! I ciuld not resist havin my picture taken with him. He's adorable!
Here's Baby Marcos and Isil to the right (Isil is pronounced as Michelle without the M):

Cannot miss a chance to have my picture taken with Marcos:

When classes resumed, we had a little group work and a few exercises here and there. I was so eager to go home because i forgot to bring any food for recess so i was really hungry. My family and friends know what my appetite is like...

I rushed home and lunch was ready!! I ate lunch with Irina yehey!

I was told by Mama Eva that her cousin will be coming today and that she will leave dinner for me because she will eat out with her cousin. Oh and that i'll be having 2 american sisters here next sunday :)

We had Guacamole for lunch with pita bread and my favorite Jaen Chorizo sandwhich :) oh and strawberries with sweet whipped cream for dessert:

It's strawberries and a peach with whipped cream:

After lunch i went back to my room to rest and when i went out to go to the bathroom, Mama Eva's cousin was already there. We were introduced and i took a picture of them using my big camera therefore the picture is not here yet :)

I took a nap.... A looooong one. Fell asleep at around 15:00 and woke up at 18:40 just as Irina was about to leave to stay at her dad's. Meaning i am all alone this evening how lonely. At least i get to eat early dinner, bathe earlier and sleep earlier hopefuly.

I went out because i got hungry. I used the creepy elevator because i am quite tired:

...and so i walked to the nearest burger king and once again i got Aros de Cebolla (onion rings) and mayonnaise por llevar (take out). I brought it home and ate it and then i looked at my dinner and i felt like eating it too so i did. ¡Buenissimo!

¡Madre Mia! ¿Mi cena a donde va?! (oh my mother! Where did my dinner go?!):

After eating i watched a few videos on how to do some hairstyles and then i did my evening ritual but i did not feel like reading yet. I watched tv for awhile :) Mama Eva said i can.

I was so happy i watched tv because when i switched the channel i saw Natalia Oreiro's movie!!!!! I loved her since Muñeca Brava!

As i was watching tv i heard so much noise outside, it was not the normal evening noise because there was music. I looked out and there was a procession! The procession of a figure of a Virgin Mary. I don't know which one but it was overwhelming to see so much people outside and some even yelling "¡Viva Nuestra Señora!

There were fireworks too!:

As soon as they were faraway i went back to Mama Eva's room to watch. I switched the channel because i could not underatand what they were saying. I watched some roman setting film and i realized it is easier to understand Spain's Spanish than Argentina's.

I read a little and it's Buenas Noches Madrid :)

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