Pictures from Quatar to Madrid

As promised here are some of the pictures that I have taken (or taken using my camera). I cannot post all of them of course. I will post some more later on. These are only pictures from our lay over in Quatar to the afternoon tour in Madrid. Maybe I will make a multiply page to supplement this... I'll think about it.

While waiting for the flight from Quatar to Madrid, Breakfast at the Quatar Airways Business Class Lounge

Arrival at the Madrid Airport...Tired but Smiling

 The beautiful Toledo, the thousand year old place owned by UNESCO for preservation. B
 I forgot the name of this place where they made the swords from The Lord of the Rings and they make really beautiful silver and metal stuff.
The Park in Madrid :) The statue of Don Quixote and Sancho Panza is somewhere in the center of this park but I cannot find the picture right now. I will post it next time.

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