Day 20: A visit to the Dentist and some Puto :)

I woke up today at 07:00 and to think that i forgot to turn on my alarm. I went to the kitchen and breakfast was already served. There were 3 of those cakes today and pieces of galletas.
I took one of the cakes and placed it in my school bag so i can eat it or recess. No i did not take a picture of y breakfast today because it was the same since the other day :)

As usual, i fixed myself and i prepared a dress last night for today because it already gets quite toasty here by noon.

I fixed my hair too:

I left but Mama Eva was not at home anymore because she went to fetch Irina or so i think.

I went to school and of all the things to forget, my books. I forgot my books... It was already beside my school bag waiting for me to get it.

I arrived in school just in time for class. The train kind of slowed down by Canal station so it took up my time.

We realized that it was the last week for Papa Ingo, Felipe, Isil, Michelle and Chun Xiang.

We talked about salaries and houses and apartments and important things in life during class. I love conversations like that. He even showed us what a Peseta looks like. A peseta is the currency of Spain before adopting and embracing the Euro:


Recess time i ate that small cake i did not eat this morning (there were 3 so i ate 2 and took 1 to school). During break, Induja took a nap and i stole a picture of her :)

Isil and Esteban are both sick, coughing and sneezing once in a while. But it was a very productive class. I am actually learning to speak and understand more spanish than ever.

This is my professor Esteban. Esteban i you ever see this i am very sorry for the bad picture. It's stolen and you were sick so people would understand:

After class i saw Esteban holding a weird pack and a small piece of paper. He was wrapping tobacco or him to smoke.

I've never seen anyone smoke such a thing.

I went home and there was no one there but i had lunch prepared with a note beside it that says "Camil, no vengo a comer esto es un bocadillo. Besos." (i am not coming home to eat. Here's a sandwhich. Kisses) from Mama Eva.

I ate it and then called my family through face time.

I slept a bit. I'm having that Siesta thing in my system now haha. I alarmed my phone at 16:30 because i have an appointment with the dentist at 17:00. As i was about to leave i noticed Mama Eva was asleep :) so i left as quietly as i could.

It's very near my house here :) they are very nice and very very accomodating. But they threw my old bracket :c they changed it anyway but i don't know if my dentist in the Philippines is going to be happy about that. But anyway, this bracket is pretty strong and tight. It has to be ! I did not pay €60 for nothing :p

Messy hair...windy outside...

Here's the funny part. As i was about to leave i told the receptionist to say thank you to Doctora Gomez (the orthodontist) and she said ok and thank you to me in Spanish and...IN CHINESE! :) She thought i was chinese :) it's an honest mistake but it's a godo thing i understood her "xie xie" :) i can't blame her. Many people here think i am eithet Chinese or Japanese seldom are they correct in guessing my nationality.

Well, i arrived home and Mama Eva was not home again. But Irina was and then she passed by outside my room having a conversation on the phone with someone and i heard her say a lot of cuss words in spanish which i know because we just talked about that in class this morning :) and i made small talk with her by talking about the word "puto" in the Philippines not being a bad word because it's a type of dessert in the Philippines :) here it's the opposite of the famous cuss word in the Philippines with 4 letters i am not going to write here. You know it. Haha!

I went back to my room to do a little homework. My teeth are starting to hurt.... That's 2 weeks of a loose bracket hello pain i missed you.

I love my homework. I get to narrate something about my life. I changed into my pyjama. By the way, this pyjama had been with me since i don't know when but this is the pyjama i brought with me to Japan in 2002, London, Paris and Rome in 2004, Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia in 2006, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy and Slovakia in 2008, and now here in Spain, 2011 :)

I read 3 stories from my children's books today while i waited for dinner. I am happy i acquired a lot of vocabulary. I will do this more often so i can advance faster.

Irina finally caled me for dinner. Mam Eva was not here again :) we talked over dinner and it was really fun to talk to her. We laught at many things. She taught me words to remember such as "me mola" instead of me gusta and never to say "me horroriza" because it's "castillano antiguo" :)

Her boyfriend arrived because it was their anniversary. I am hapoy i was able to talk to them both and i actually understand them. I left them alone to eat dinner and i fixed my stuff for school the next day :)

Did my evening ritual, listened to spanish radio and read "el pais" and it's Buenas Noches Madrid! :)

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  1. Anonymous Says:
    May 26, 2011 at 2:27 PM

    hi maam ...buenas noches maam...ang sarap naman nang experience mo dyan ang dami mo na plang napuntahan na lugar..i also love to travel the world maam...(soon).. and learn new valuable things in life maam..especially to see the wonderful creations of GOD maam...hehehe....always take care maam ...chowking...=)

    GOD BLESS maam ...

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