Day 18: Eating Sweet Galletas Makes Me Hyper

I set the alarm at 6:00 and guess what, i woke up before the alarm went off because i needed to pee.

I fell into a very shallow sleep and because my earphones are always on my ears when i sleep, i heard the ringing of a facetime request. Oh you know the drill :)

I had breakfast as usual. I don't know what the cake is called but i have galletas again today.

I could not really decide what to wear today because i am not sure if it will be cold or not. Thankfully Mama Eva suddenly said "it's going to be hot today". So i wore a tank top and jeans (in case it's cold) and a polo shirt to protect me from the wind.

Today as i left the house i felt more confident than i was last week. And i like it very much :) i left at 09:00 exactly and took the train as usual and i timed my travel. It really took me
More or less 20 minutes. Wow. Okay.

When i arrived in school, Papa Ingo was there and told me how charming Filipinas are and how loveable we are :) and then we were surprised because inatead of Carolina, a different professor came in. He was a guy. His name is José Luis! Talk about Spanish names! Haha! Cool ne?
This my paparazzi shot of José Luis:

We talked about politics because the elections were yesterday and a winner has emerged. Oh and we have 2 more new students, as usual, from Brazil. Their names are Ineas and Igor.

Igor (sorry, covered by Isil's bottle... He won't sit still):

We are infested with Brazilians but we don't care because WE LOVE THEM TO BITS! they're really funny and easy to get along with :)

We had a laughing session again today. I am now refered to as the girl with very good anecdotes because of the "bababa ba? Bababa" story. I really should not eat so much in the morning because i become hyper... There is something good that came out of it though. I kept on participating during class conversations on topics about anything under the sun and i really try my best to speak even if i sometimes forget my grammar. I know i am improving... That's the point of this schooling and trip anyway isn't it? But the problem is, i think i wasted the time of the first professor but at least we were productive in class :)

After the class I took the metro again on the way home but WHOAH!!!! line 2 is temporarily out of service!!! Oh no i am doomed!!!... Haha kidding... I asked the guy which train i should take instead to go where i was going. He pointed out the Bilbao station and tht's where i should change lines to arrive at Estrecho. Honestly i do not like the Bilbao station very much. It is a bit creepy. There's one part where the ceiling is ver low. Ofcourse with my height i have no problem but it feels so suffocating and cramped even i the ceiling is about a few inches higher than my head only.
But i was not able to take a picture of the low ceiling part. Only the platform.

When i arrived home Mama Eva was not there yet.... I was hungry but a few minutes later she arrived yehey! As usual i had a ham sandwhich but i don't care because it was really really good. But what's special today is the Babaganush (madre mia! I do noy know how to spell it!) but it was good as a dip for the chips :)

Watch me eat!!!

After lunch i face timed with my family and then i took a rest and checked out a Madrid guide i was given. But i fell asleep. Yes i finally gave in to Siesta Time! Hahaha! He echado la siesta por dos oritas... (i did a siesta for 2 short hours).

I woke up and found that Mama Eva was still here. I'm not sure but if i understood her correctly she had work today and her work starts at around 16:00... Or maybe i fell asleep before she left and when she arrived i woke up as well... Yes i think so because i remember i was about to leave, she entered through the front door! Haha! Ok yes now i remember :) but she had to leave right away because she has dance class until 21:00 :)

I left for the station but on the way to the station i saw a filipino couple who called my attention only to find out that they thought i was another person who looks exactly like me :) we talked for awhile and i found out that Filipinos here have a celebration of independence day too but instead of 12 June, they celebrate on the 27th of June.

After our short conversation, i went to Nuevos Ministerios (yet again). I don't know, there's just something so special and accessible about that place. Well, i went to Casa del Libro, a counterpart of Fully Booked here in Madrid. Oh how i love the smell of books. I was looking for children's books, the ones that are easy to read so that i can catch new vocabulary step by step. Yes i am a kid again. I did some free reading which i don't think they mind. And i just kept in mind the books that i would most likely purchase. I did some people watching too.

This is one of the reasons why i love to travel. I like observing other cultures.

I spent so much time free reading i forgot the time, i left for home. On the way home i passed some drunk old men who kept on calling me "chinita lindo" or "cute chinese".... I wanted to tell them i'm not chinese but i did not want to talk to them....they were drunk ¡Madre Mia!

I arrived home and Irina was home as well listening to english music. A few minutes later Mama Eva arrived as well and i just stayed in the room.

After awhile i was called for dinner. I ate with Irina as they continued their conversation. Surprisingly i understood what they were talking about. It's true what Ben Curtis of said. Take all the info you can get and if you get the idea tou will absorb some words slowly and you won't realize it becomes "stuck" knowledge. He did not say it exactly that way ofcourse i used my own words :)

Well, last part of the day, evening ritual. I am about to do my evening ritual. I'll pre-empt it this time :) i normally write about it after. I'm just waiting for everyone to settle down so i can take a bath withouy having to worry about anyone needing to use the bathroom with the shower.

¡Buenas Noches Madrid! ¡Me Encanta Mucho!

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