Retirement Testimonial Dinner and Parade

I was so busy these past few weeks and so I was not able to write anything. But I'm back! :) My last post was about the Champagne Flight of my father-in-law, but today I will write about the retirement dinner and parade.

The testimonial dinner for my father-in-law (who I will also refer to in this entry as "the retiree") was held last 04 July 2012. This dinner is usually held the night before the testimonial review or parade. Military officers in the Philippines have to retire at the age of 56 or 30 years of service, whichever comes later. In this case, my father-in-law's 56th birthday was 3 days after the dinner. He graduated from the Philippine Military Academy in 1980 so 32 years + the 4 or 5 years in the academy = 37 years in service

They prepared the Officer's Club function hall or the Tejeros Hall for this event
 The weather did not cooperate that day so the event could not start promptly at 19:00 because not even 1/4 of the guests have arrived. It was such a relief to have the Air Force String Ensemble playing music for the people who came in time.
 ....The retiree entertaining some guests
 The event started with the emcees acknowledging the presence of the guests. a buffet dinner was served which I was not able to take a picture off because I was asked to sing in this event, and I cannot sing properly with a full stomach.

After my song (I don't have a picture here of me singing because I wasn't able to give my camera to someone else to take my picture), the host for tonight was a classmate of the retiring general, in the Philippine Military Academy, and the current Deputy Chief of Staff, General Macapagal. He told short stories about their times together before when they were still in the academy and in the Air Force Flying School
 My Father-in-law did not say much anymore because he already prepared a speech for the next day's parade
 The emcees that evening was of course my husaband Lee Van and our friend, Joel
 A cake was given also as an advanced birthday gift
After the program, someone finally volunteered to take our family picture :) (my husband was busy though so he's not in the picture)
...someone's gift for my father-in-law. I just played around with it a little :)
 ...and now, the testimonial parade/review. While waiting for the parade proper to start, I just snapped a foto of my sister-in-law and my Godson/nephew :)
 The Troop Commander today, General Yambing, is also a member of PMA Class 80 and volunteered to be troop commander in honor of his classmate

 The retiree and the Troop Commander with the 2 Star Flag, as they trooped the line

 The retiree asked to go down from the stage again to be given honors

 This testimonial parade is also a turn over ceremony. He was the Deputy Chief of Staff for Reservist and Retirees Affairs, and he passed on his position to the acting new Officer in Charge

 My mother-in-law was also given an award for being a patient, understanding and supportive wife to  her husband
 After all the award giving, it was time for his retirement speech
 This was the sad part. The Pass in Review, the last one in his career. This is what I felt was the "goodbye" of the AFP Family 

 I have never seen a Departure Honors ever. It had always been Arrival Honors. I have been part of a number of Arrival Honors and so this was definitely a first for me.

 In the middle of this Departure Ceremony, they took the 2 Star Flag and folded it to be given to the retiree. 

And now that the General already bid his AFP Family goodbye, dedicating more than 30 years of his life for his country, it's time for him to live among the civilians and have more time for his family and now, be served by the Institution that he served.

Today's post was a bit long and foto heavy but I hope you enjoyed reading/viewing :) hasta pronto! 

-Mil Besos y Abrazos!! ;)

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  1. Wenni Donna says:
    August 28, 2017 at 8:39 AM

    Wow!! Great to see this parade and retirement party. Have been planning my mom’s retirement party at one of Chicago event space. Planning to hire floral decor as she loves flowers and her loved ones will join her party. Hope she will like my efforts.

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