Marold-Ranara Nuptials 24 June 2012

It's my first time to write about a wedding I attended :) I became the unofficial official photographer of my friends' wedding. meaning, they have their own official Photographer which was Dizon Photography, but I was uncluded in the list of Official Photographers so that I would be allowed to take pictures in the "no unofficial photographers allowed" areas. The Marold-Ranara Nuptials was held last 24 June 2012 at the Fernbrook Gardens, Alabang.

Meet our Bride Joyce Ranara, the Rockstar Barbie, and Thor Wigan Marold, the Demigod. That was the theme of their wedding. Rockstar Barbie meets Demigod

I met the groom, who I usually call "Daddy Marold" (But I will call him Thor in this entry), year 2008 when he was still a cadet at the Maritime Academy of Asia and the Pacific (MAAP). People who graduate from the Academy are automatic Ensigns of the Philippine Navy (Reserve) hence the Uniform. One day he told us that he will introduce us to this beautiful woman who he apparently stalked in a 7-11 Convenience Store....
 that was 2008, and now they're married! haha I must admit, they planned their wedding first, but I got married first :)
 The Fernbrook Gardens is a very beautiful place to get married in, it's just a little warm inside but the pictures after the event turn out great that you hardly need to edit the pictures except for a few lighting and brightness enhancements. Like this photo for example of the incumbent 3rd Class or 2nd year cadets of MAAP as they lined up snappily to welcome the entourage.

 The groom flashed me an excited smile as he walked down the aisle :)
 The Groom's Parents :) Mr. Marold is actually German and the Mother is a native of IloIlo Philippines
 One of the best parts of a wedding ceremony is the entrance of the bride :) During my wedding, the coordinator always told me that this is the part where all eyes are on the bride and the bride alone because this is the only time that the spotlight is on her and the only time that one can marvel at the beauty of the bride :)
The MAAP cadets in place as they welcomed the bride

 During my wedding, I saw my groom cry from afar so I made sure that after taking satisfying shots of the bride, I must focus my camera on the groom so that I don't miss that moment when he wipes his tears and look!! He did ....and with a beautiful and emotion filled smile on his face that made the picture more unforgettable :)
 The bride :) Joycie, (or Mommy Joycie in our case), as people would call her, is one of the sweetest women in the world and that's the reason why we clicked with her as soon as she was introduced to us. 
 This is the hardest part for the parents, "giving away" their daughter :)

 The beautiful couple finally in front of the priest. The priest was the priest from the school where the groom studied in high school
 cuuuuuutie little flower girl :)

 Exchange of Vows :)
 "wear this ring, as a sign of my love and fidelity..."
 So what's with the groom laughing? haha it's because they wore the wrong rings :) During the wedding march of the entourage, the rings on the ring bearer's pillows are only mock rings because we have this superstition that if the bearer accidentally drops the rings, it's bad luck so we only put mock ring on the pillows and as soon as the ring bearer finishes his walk, the Best Man will exchange the mock rings with the real ones. But the Best Man forgot to do that because of his excitement (The best man was the bride's brother),...
 So the bride and groom had to repeat the exchange of rings saying "Joyce/Thor, wear this REAL ring..." (yes with emphasis on the word REAL)

 I wasn't able to get a good shot of the "kiss the bride" part because of course I didn't want to block the view of the Official Official Photographer. The bride and groom deserve perfect pictures by their real photographer :)

In military weddings, before the exit, the couple has to pass through pairs of their draw sword group and with consequences given by each pair. But because the draw sword group was composed of junior classmen of the groom, he was able to talk to them and request that only the last pair would give a consequence, and a simple one only for that matter.

 ...a simple 10 second long kiss :)
 This is the ballroom where the reception was held. 
 The couple had a mobile bar placed with free flowing drinks :) My friend Crystal and I wanted to try their Mojito so while waiting for the couple, we hung out by the bar :)

 One of the local wedding traditions here in the Philippines is when the couple is on the dance floor for their first dance as a married couple, guests are invited to hang/pin/stick money on either the bride or the groom
The dinner was buffet style with lots of delicious food to choose from. And while waiting for our table number to be called for photo ops with the couple, we ate as much as we could
 Photo time :)
 After dinner and after the program, the people either went to the Photo booth outside or the mobile bar inside. In our case, we went to the mobile bar to hang out with the groom with these colorful drinks. We didn't want the strong drinks because we weren't really there to get drunk. Just a simple toast for the groom.

 Then we found the streeeetch limo outside by the lobby so we took some pictures by it :)
I hope you enjoyed today's photo heavy entry :) ciao!!

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  1. hazy yna says:
    July 27, 2012 at 1:22 PM
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  2. hazy yna says:
    July 27, 2012 at 1:23 PM

    lovely wedding! i'm quite excited to read about wedding posts because i'm personally preparing for our own wedding this december, thanks for sharing:-)

  3. mintmochaformimi says:
    July 27, 2012 at 3:49 PM

    Hi Hazy Yna! Thanks for reading :) i'm glad you liked it. Preparing for a wedding is sooooo stressful but it's all worth it in the end :) maybe soon i should post the things i learned fromy preparing my own wedding :) see you around!

  4. Karsten Taniegra says:
    January 27, 2013 at 10:43 PM


    Nice pictures! They're a lovely couple! I wish them a long and happy life together! :D

  5. mintmochaformimi says:
    January 30, 2013 at 8:49 AM

    Hi!! Thank you very much :) the couple will be very glad when they see your comment :)

  6. Anonymous Says:
    August 7, 2014 at 1:04 AM

    Ngaun ko lang nakita tong Blog mo gulat ako lumabas name ko sa google search hahahahah Thanks dude :)


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